Meet Prompt^

Prompt is a scalable, broadcast, mass-messaging technology with one-way communication and polling capabilities.

Mobile messaging has become critical to engagement and growth.
Of the 3.8 Billion people with Smartphones in 2021, SMS and MMS messages had a 98% open rate over email, with SMS response rates averaging 45% and MMS reporting 300% more engagement than SMS.
Unfortunately, SMS and MMS are also incredibly expensive—unattainably so for many.

Prompt is an alternative to SMS and MMS, which are expensive, inefficient, and require a user to give out their private information. Prompt delivers a stronger, more comprehensive technology—a more efficient, respectful, and impactful experience.

Prompt^ has not only provided an affordable alternative to the SMS/MMS “per message” model, Prompt^ delivers a stronger, more comprehensive technology.

How it Works